Full Moons in Libran Skies … and you

There’s a Full Moon in Libra right now, and I’ve no idea where you’re reading this from, but from where I stand gazing at the sky, it’s quite spectacular. When I joined a group of friends earlier and asked them if they’d seen it I was stunned to find that most of them had not. There were no clouds and it hung from the sky like a giant glowing pearly ass—how could you not see it? And, I wondered, if you can’t see something so big, how can you see the little things: the freckle that sits just to the left of their nipple, the gentle bend of their cock, the dimple at the base of their spine and the curve of their hip? When you put your hand between their legs do you feel only the heat, or do you see how it all fits?

The Moon rules your desires and needs, your emotionality and relationships… don’t just feel it, see it.


About Lily Lick

Lily Lick has always been interested in the physical extension of emotional interactions, which yes, is just a fancy way of saying something else. She thinks it's freaking fantastic that she gets to combine some of the things she loves the most: reading, writing, astrology stuff... and yes, sex. She does them all in Toronto, Canada.
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