Can you feel what’s coming? … and it might not be you!

Can you feel it? No, not that toe curling sneak of mounting pleasure. This is more a distinct sensation that if you don’t hold on tight, this shit is going to go sideways in a second.  Mercury (thoughts) trines Jupiter (gain) on the 26th so you will be keenly aware that anything can happen; controlling it is going to be the key as we move into the next few days of high powered tension.  The 27th brings us Venus square Mars (it even sounds dreadful) but this is a dual sided kind of thing.  Do I have to tell you whether to make love or war? Lust is everywhere and in everything you say and do.  The goal (yours) should be to satisfy yourself without compromising your partner(s).  Or being the bigger person, working to the satisfaction of all concerned.  Can you do it?  The Full Moon in Aries on the 29th isn’t going to help ease things, as the struggle here is to do you in harmony with others.  You must neither give yourself up completely nor expect someone else to do the same.   If wearing the rubber or the leather or the nun’s outfit doesn’t work for either right now … then don’t do it.  And don’t even go anywhere near a conversation that starts with “you never…”, or  “why do I always have to…”, or “why can’t you just…”.  That shit will also go sideways.  Fast.  As the negative power possibilities of the Full Moon lessen the Sun then squares Pluto on the 29th speeding to conclusion any situations that began with just a tiny seed of the thought that things need to change and some people have got to go.  If you don’t hold on tight to normal for now (and that’s not a bad thing) by this time next week, things in your bed might be quite different…. There might be a space (for no good reason) where once lay a hot and willing body.  Feelings run very high this last week of September but if you know this (as you now do) then you can do your very best to behave at your very best.  Don’t have a fight with them, just have them: passionately, playfully, indulgently, and as often as humanly possible.


About Lily Lick

Lily Lick has always been interested in the physical extension of emotional interactions, which yes, is just a fancy way of saying something else. She thinks it's freaking fantastic that she gets to combine some of the things she loves the most: reading, writing, astrology stuff... and yes, sex. She does them all in Toronto, Canada.
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