2013 Super Bowl Ads. Sexy or Not?

Who’s got the sexiest ad this year?

A. The car commercial with the hot blond watching guys wash the car.

B. The GoDaddy spot with the hot blond kissing the nerd.

C. The sleek Calvin Klein underpants piece.

D. None of the above.

The answer is D.  None of the above.  The prize goes to Volkswagen’s Get Happy for not even trying to be (overtly) sexy and getting it right anyway.  Self-confidence is sexy, happy is sexy, good times are sexy and they’ve got me believing that anytime spent with this guy is going to be a very good time.  I will be satisfied, spent, and smiling because he will make it so.  Thank you Volkswagen.  Double thanks for acknowledging that in this diverse and transient world figuring out what someone should look like by how they sound is no longer an exacting thing.

Here’s a link to view ads at the Washington Post Site.

Lily Lick


(That Calvin Klein one is pretty slick though. Their male models are always …well put together:)


About Lily Lick

Lily Lick has always been interested in the physical extension of emotional interactions, which yes, is just a fancy way of saying something else. She thinks it's freaking fantastic that she gets to combine some of the things she loves the most: reading, writing, astrology stuff... and yes, sex. She does them all in Toronto, Canada.
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