Date Night — Venus Trine Pluto, Moon in Taurus, Mars in Sagittarius means what to who?

We move into, and spend most of this weekend, with the Moon in Taurus, which focuses our attention on money matters and how we feed our senses. Will we splurge on the best organic chocolate sourced from cacao trees nurtured with angel wing sprinkled water and fairy dust…or melt a Snickers bar in the microwave and lick it off our beloved’s backside? Time will tell, but do take careful stock of how much your financial self worth is linked to your physical satisfaction and your emotional spreadsheet. Mars enters Sagittarius on Saturday urging you to pursue personal goals and Venus trines Pluto on Sunday the 14th bringing to light the inner workings of relationships. If all is well it’ll be like making love in the morning – all warm and fuzzy and lovey-dovey. If not, that vixen Venus will whip the sheets off the bed with you still wound up in them. Ouch.

Love Lily

Moon over South Africa, Maxwell Danger Dixon

Moon Over South Africa — © Maxwell Danger Dixon


About Lily Lick

Lily Lick has always been interested in the physical extension of emotional interactions, which yes, is just a fancy way of saying something else. She thinks it's freaking fantastic that she gets to combine some of the things she loves the most: reading, writing, astrology stuff... and yes, sex. She does them all in Toronto, Canada.
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